Today I received a package.

The card is pretty fancy, similar to a real wedding invitation. Inside is a sales pitch to advertise in a magazine, but it is written as a romantic proposal.

Inside the box is a ring with a D on it.

A lot of thought went into this marketing project. It isn’t just the usual dry sales pitch form letter. The writing is pretty cute. I chuckled a few times. The card is signed by a real human. The ribbon was probably tied by hand. Someone put effort into making the ring or finding a place to buy such a specialized item.

Although they aren’t getting my business right now (we don’t need to advertise more), I’ll certainly consider it in the future. Also, the project is interesting enough that I’m telling other people about it. Putting some effort into your projects pays off, maybe not now, but in little indirect ways that build up over time.

Update: This same company sent me a traditional spammy letter just a few days later. Both sad and funny at the same time.