My mushroom photography project is surprisingly popular, so here are more highlights from my walks (and crawls) in the woods.

I like the diffuse lighting found in a forest. Direct sunlight is usually too harsh. In many of my shots I purposely block the sun to avoid blown highlights and strong shadows. Mildly cloudy days are often better than sunny days.

cluster of white mushrooms up close

Orange Amanita mushroom

Amanita - Exposure used with Velvia 100F preset

For tiny subjects, I recommend a wide aperture so you get short depth of field. That will blur the background and keep the attention on the subject. I often use manual focus and get as close as I can. The background bokeh is natural in these shots, but I used our Bokeh software to blur a little of the foreground at the bottom of this next shot.

purple Cortinarius Sodagnitus mushroom up close

Cortinarius Sodagnitus - Exposure boosted shadows

The mushroom project started as a testing exercise for Alt Photo, our new iPhone app. All the shots in the previous article and above here are from my Canon S100. Below are photos shot with Alt Photo on my iPhone that were processed right there while I sat in the dirt. Head over to the iPhone app store if you like what you see.

Earth Stars and Coral Mushroom - Created with Alt Photo

Bleeding Mycena (Mycena haematopus) - Created with Alt Photo

Powdery Sulfur Bolete (Pulveroboletus ravenelii) - Created with Alt Photo

Created with Alt Photo

Chanterelle and Russula buddies - Created with Alt Photo

Turkey Tail - Created with Alt Photo