Ivan Burlaka’s Exposure Routine

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One of the winners of the 2011 Thanks for Sharing Awards, Ivan Burlaka, made a short tutorial showing how he made his winning photo. He uses combinations of Photoshop effects and multiple Exposure layers to achieve his looks. Here’s what he had to say:

I always shoot in RAW format and perform a basic pre-process with Adobe Camera RAW.  I use The Brenizer Method for wide-angle shots like this. Essentially I used a long lens and photo-stitching to create a wide-angle shot with extremely shallow depth of field. This image took 26 pictures to make.

Above is the unprocessed image, this was step 1. From there run Exposure’s Fuji Sensia setting with 30-40% Overall Intensity. This makes it look more sunny. See Below.

Next, flatten the image to a single layer and run Exposure’s Technicolor Process (2-Strip) setting. Make adjustments to the Curves, the Overall Intensity and the Cooling/Warming parameters. Below are screenshots.

After this flatten the image and run Exposure’s Color Photo setting. It’s in the Color Fading category. Make an adjustment to the Overall Intensity, I used between 30-40%. See the image below.

As a final step make a solid fill layer. Set the color to #314468, the opacity to 25%, and the blend mode to Exclusion. The result is below.

You can adjust for sharpness at any step. I use Exposure’s focus tab but you can handle sharpness with unsharp mask in Photoshop. In Exposure you have the option to sharpen only the lightness channel. It saves me time. I like that.

Mixing different settings can get you unique colors and styles. Experiments like this are addictive and fun.

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