Hernan Rodriguez

Hernan is a commercial and portrait photographer by trade. His work has been featured in trade publications such as Studio Photography, Rangefinder, and on the cover of Photoshop User. He is a co-author for the Westcott and Tamron blogs for portrait and lighting.

Hernan has shot for clients such as Corona, Guess Clothing, and Sony Record labels. He has done photography work for numerous restaurants and products like the NFL Superbowl trophies and rings. Hernan is the recipient of dozens of awards including the Black & White Spider Award in fashion and multiple Bronze awards in the 2012 Aperture awards for portrait and illustration. Many of Hernan’s award-winning images went through Exposure for that extra pop.

Hernan routinely works with popular celebrities like Christopher McDonald, Eddie Griffin, and Mike Tyson. He acted as a liaison to connect us with Evander Holyfield for this ad. Evander was extremely generous to do this project for a little company like Alien Skin Software. He was a pleasure to work with. We’re grateful to Hernan and to Evander for making this ad happen.

Check out more of Hernan’s work at www.hernanphotography.com or on the blog here, here, and here.


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