Since Jeff recently posted an article on our upcoming release of Exposure 4, we received a lot of great comments from Exposure 3 customers. It is really nice to get this sort of response after working so hard on a product. One comment asked for more examples of the new wet plate settings so I put together a few.

First, I want to give a little background on this process. Wet plate photography is one of the earliest forms of photography (1850’s according to Wikipedia). Also, known as the “collodion wet plate process”, it enabled the photographer to make a negative image on glass and thereby print as many copies of an image as they wanted to later. Another interesting aspect of wet plate photography is that the process is only sensitive to blue light so faces are often dark and skies look washed out.

Here are a few before/after examples we created using Exposure 4. I happen to like old portraits so I think the look works well with some types of modern portraits as well as with flowers or macro shots.