Exposure 4 can change a leopard’s spots

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Recently, we received some images from Rosemary Sheel. She wrote us only to say how much she loved Exposure 4. Well, we loved her images so much; we thought they should be shared with everyone.

Here, is what Rosemary had to say “I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying learning to use Exposure 4. It completely transforms an image. As you know when you go out to photograph especially when you are traveling, you come home with thousands of images…however most of them are of the same thing. With Exposure 4, you can change a leopard’s spots. I love the romance and mystery of an old photo album and that is what I think I have achieved using your software.”

Rosemary has been nice enough to share her presets with us. Save the preset to your desktop. In most browsers, right-click the link and choose Save As. That should save a file with a .f1s at the end of the name.

Then double-click the .f1s file to install. Next time you run Exposure you should see it in the User Settings list under Rosemary Sheel.

Ala Gauguin

Download her preset Ala Gauguin.



Burmese monks

Download her preset Burmese Monks.


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  1. Marcus March 23, 2012 at 11:08 am

    This is cool. Great presets.

    Thanks for sharing.

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