Kevin and Jack from the TV show 30 Rock

I'd rather be Kevin Parcell than Jack Donaghy. How about you? (© 2010 - NBC Universal)

When I was young I was confused by people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who kept working after they got rich. I thought that money brought happiness and work was the unpleasant thing you did to make money. It took many years for me to realize that they mostly worked because it was fun, not for the money. In Steve’s words, “The journey is the reward.”

Over the years I’ve come around to Steve’s perspective. Now I work because I like to make things. I like hard problems. I like to help other people succeed. Money is not on the list, which is probably why I’m having fun.

Whether an activity is work or play is largely a matter of attitude. So choose to play! If you decide that helping people and making great things is fun, then most jobs become fun. If you want proof then just watch the TV show Dirty Jobs.