Meet Christopher Wilson. He’s one of those photographers that’s always in high demand. Before photography, he worked in the field of advertising for a long time. Then, within a few years from its conception, ChristopherWILSONphotography is already involved with several big-name clients like Ritz-Carlton, Ford, NASCAR and Lenovo.

Alien Skin Software was recently added to his client list. One of Christopher’s shots is the centerpiece for our new PhotoBundle ad. Here it is below.

Christopher has plans to visit North Dakota this summer. He does ongoing documentation of one family’s struggle to save the last remaining wild horses of North Dakota, the Nokotas. These horses are descendants from Sitting Bull’s horse herd. The campaigns Christopher shot have helped build awareness of the rancher family’s struggle to keep these unique horses free.

The Kuntz brothers, Frank and Leo, have been hard at work lobbying to have this horse recognized as an official breed since the late 1990’s. As founders of the Nokota Horse conservancy,, they’ve given everything to save the last wild horses of North Dakota.

Christopher’s Nokota work been published in numerous places like American Cowboy, Mundo Ecuestre, and Bit. The publicity of this work is gaining momentum from the help of publishers, fans and celebrities like Maxine Thunderhawk, a living descendant of Sitting Bull himself. She’s pictured below.

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