I promised a blog commenter that I would show off a few more examples from Exposure 4, so here you go.

In Exposure 3 we had dust and scratches, but they were computer generated and didn’t look realistic enough. Exposure 4 uses a new texture overlay feature based on real photographs which does a much better job. Here is an example.

Here is a more subtle version of dust and scratches added to an early Kodachrome preset. There are controls for overall texture visibility and for protecting the center of the photo. Below I turned up the center protection so the couple doesn’t have a lot of distracting dust on their faces.

The texture feature can also create light leaks which often occur in lo-fi plastic camera photography. This first example was inspired by the atmospheric effects that Peter Nguyen sometimes uses in his gorgeous work.

Exposure 4 will be out next week. When it comes out I’ll post about it here and send e-mail. If you want to join our mailing list then you can do so at the bottom of any of the web pages at alienskin.com. Free upgrades will be sent out before the public announcement.

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