You think your computer is fast?

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With the days of megahertz far behind us, computing has moved on to something exponentially faster. Lucasfilm, Ltd. took this literally when constructing their new number-crunching monsters. The new rendering farm even put the “Deathstar” out of commission; their old farm.

Arik Hesseldahl, from All Things Digital, toured the data center for Lucasfilm, Ltd. and Industrial Light and Magic. He published a short video of his experiences there. Met by Greg Grusby, the technical publicist at ILM, Arik is shown some NetApp appliances that put all others to shame. He mentions a monumental data capacity of “petabytes of storage.”

I don’t think I can imagine the amount of data to fill a petabyte. To me it sounds like a prehistoric starfish. But, Star Trek fans everywhere snicker at this next-to-nothing amount. The android character Data, in The Next Generation, had a whopping 100 petabyte capacity. An amount even beyond the reach of the force.

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