We love Wikimedia Commons. We especially love the generous photographers who share their work on Wikimedia Commons. Whether you are seeking stock photos or merely looking for inspiration, this is a wonderful resource for great-looking photography. The vast majority of the media shared there is licensed under creative commons.

We have used some shots from the Wikimedia Commons for the Blow Up 3 examples page and the Blow Up 3 Lightroom video. I’m sure that we will continue to use them as we move forward with new products and examples. Here’s the list we’ve used so far:

The Colonial anemone, by Nick Hobgood.

Fire breathing 2, by Luc Viatour.

Elakala Waterfalls Swirling Pool & Mossy Rocks by ForestWander Nature Photography.

Tabletop Photography, by Stefan Krause.

The coral fungus, by Dan Molter.

Lazer Tower, by Yuri Beletsky (ESO).

Sarychev Peak Volcano, by NASA.

Broadway Tower 2007, by Arad Mojtahedi.