Video Roundup

By | May 16th, 2011|Tutorials|Comments Off on Video Roundup

We have a bunch of video tutorials on our site. Some are more popular than others. For me, popularity is a sign that the video covers something important.

At the top of the popularity charts are a few that I’d like to point out. I did not include our introductory or getting started videos in this list.

Selections in Photoshop (part 1):

Here I cover basic masking in Photoshop using the quick selection tool. This is always the first tool I use when editing photos.


Bokeh 2 Depth Of field (part 2):

In this video I use the selection from the first part of the series to create realistic depth-of-field with Bokeh.


Custom Settings:

This tutorial is for all of our plug-ins. Have you ever wanted to share or backup some custom settings? A lot of people do. Learn how here.


Non-Destructive Workflow:

This video covers layer duplication and smart objects in Photoshop. Two of the best ways to work non-destructively.

About the Author:

Jimmy is the marketing nerd at Alien Skin. He makes workflow training tutorials, handles affiliates, writes for the blog, manages our contributing authors, governs our social media, and he is the king of swag orders. He also makes a mean cup of espresso, so if you stop by the office, remember to give him cash tips for his efforts.