We have a bunch of video tutorials on our site. Some are more popular than others. For me, popularity is a sign that the video covers something important.

At the top of the popularity charts are a few that I’d like to point out. I did not include our introductory or getting started videos in this list.

Selections in Photoshop (part 1):

Here I cover basic masking in Photoshop using the quick selection tool. This is always the first tool I use when editing photos.


Bokeh 2 Depth Of field (part 2):

In this video I use the selection from the first part of the series to create realistic depth-of-field with Bokeh.


Custom Settings:

This tutorial is for all of our plug-ins. Have you ever wanted to share or backup some custom settings? A lot of people do. Learn how here.


Non-Destructive Workflow:

This video covers layer duplication and smart objects in Photoshop. Two of the best ways to work non-destructively.