Remember smart bombs in the video game Defender? Use one and everything on the screen explodes. You only have three, so of course you save them for a special occasion. Sadly, I usually died with some smart bombs left, sometimes all three.

Every smart bomb you die with is a waste. Use them now! You will find plenty more smart bombs along the way.

Don’t ever delay providing some benefit to your customers once it is ready to go. Occasionally a programmer develops a neat feature that wasn’t in our plan but was easy to do. It is tempting to hold it back for a future upgrade if the current upgrade is already looking pretty impressive. No! Everything that is helpful and works well goes out in the current upgrade. I promise that you won’t run out of great ideas.

You know the brownie points you earn for doing someone a favor? Brownie points are like smart bombs. Spend them immediately. The half-life of a brownie point is short, perhaps only 24 hours if you earned it from your spouse. If you wait a week then it probably won’t have any value.