When I was a young programmer I thought that business people were evil parasites doing easy work. I started Alien Skin Software in 1993 and grudgingly handled business tasks while spending as much time programming as possible. Eventually I learned that the business issues are as important as the products. I also realized that business is interesting, challenging work that can be done in a non-evil way. Now I work full time on management and marketing and have not programmed in about five years.

Over the past 18 years I learned many lessons (usually the hard way) about running a business well. Hmm, maybe some people wouldn’t say that I run my business well because I haven’t sold out for a zillion dollars to Google. By the zillionaire standard I’m only a moderate success. But money isn’t our only measure of success. We (I think I speak for the whole team on this) also value happy customers and collaborating with smart, productive coworkers in a comfortable environment. Personally, I value those things even more than the money.

I’m going to write a few blog posts about these hard won lessons that guide the way we run Alien Skin these days. If I see that you are interested then I can write many more articles on this topic. To show interest, just post a comment under the article you like.

Jeff Butterworth
CEO (or Queen Bee depending on who I’m talking to), Alien Skin Software

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