We really enjoyed the photo submissions to our Flickr group this year. Some of the work is simply stunning. Since April we have done Best of Flickr articles. Now we are picking five of our favorites for the 2011 Thanks for Sharing Awards. Each winner will receive all of our photography products.

This is not a contest that we announced ahead of time. Everyone in the Flickr group shared their work just to exchange ideas and be helpful. That deserves a reward much more than a typical contest.

Below are the five winners. I hope this inspires you to join the Flickr group and share your own work!


The photo above is by Ivan Burlaka. He is 18 and studies at the Kiev National University.


Clouds over the MountainsThe photo above is by Marcus Vickers from Orem, Utah.


blue/green sq-e3

The photo above is from Shabnam – Morningdew Photography from Toronto, Canada.


The photo above is by GarthMaul from Sheffield, England.

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