Here is a scene that has occurred surprisingly often since we made a change to our store.

Customer: Your store won’t let me upgrade to Blow Up 2. I typed in my Blow Up 1 license code, but the store said it was invalid. I’m angry!!

Jim: Hold on, let me check that code… Sir, that license code is for Blow Up 2, not Blow Up 1. You already purchased Blow Up 2 on July 14th last year.

Customer: <long pause> Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that.

Jim: Just get the latest Blow Up 2 from our download page and activate with your license code. Enjoy!

We love making money, but only if we earned it. If our store does not let you upgrade a product then check the version you have. Maybe you already own it.

If you lose your installer, you do not need to purchase the product again. Just get the latest version from our download page. If you lose your license code then contact us at our very helpful support site. If you are using a pirate license code then please don’t waste your time by asking us for help. We know which ones are legitimate and we always check.