Nature is based on a small set of rules. Everything around us is made of pretty much the same stuff, but arranged in an infinite number of different combinations that nature has had the patience of putting together.

Enter the world of synthetic textures.

At Alien Skin we can set aside 10% of our time to work on a fun project of our choosing. I decided I wanted to revisit Alien Skin’s very first product.

A bit of math can generate a simple image, add some more and things start getting interesting.  Now let the computer throw some dice and combine them in random, weird and unexpected ways and then you really get cool stuff, stuff that you want to print and put in your living room.

One of the beauties of this random system is that you get totally unexpected results that make you scratch your head and ponder how you got this or that image. We use basic functions that mimic real word physics and as a result we get many images that look organic, almost like real objects.

It is fun to try to find names for the images. You can see why this inspired us to name the company Alien Skin.

All of these images were randomly created by the system, you just sit there and press a button and they come out. We are having so much fun with it that we are tempted to create a product so you can have fun too.

Would you be interested in something that generates these kinds of images?

Are you ok with just a “randomize” button and no other control over the design of the image? This type of system doesn’t allow for much control.

Would you want this as a Photoshop plug-in, stand alone desktop program, web site, or a mobile app?