Occasionally we get product suggestions that are really specialized. Often these ideas have already been turned into products, but few people know about them because they are made by a little one or two person company. In those cases I point our customer at the little company. Here are a few examples.

In our check out survey, someone asked “Do you have a filter that can take a scene without a body of water in the foreground, and simulate a reflection in water?” They didn’t leave their e-mail address, so the only way to respond is here in the blog. See the Flood plug-in from Flaming Pear. It simulates water very well.

Do you miss the old page curl from Kai’s Power Tools? That used to be the most popular effect in the universe. I’m pretty sure that the remnants of KPT being sold these days don’t have page curl. The best page curl these days comes from AV Bros and is called Page Curl Pro.


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