Snap Art 3 will be available in August 2011. For those of you new to Snap Art, it quickly turns photos into works of art that look handmade. When it is ready we will announce it here, on our home page and to our e-mail list.

Until then, I can tell you that the art looks even more natural than before. Version 3 uses more refined stroke placement, so edges are sharp and people remain clear and recognizable.

Instead of oval focus regions, Snap Art 3 has a detail mask that let’s you quickly mark areas where you want more detail. This gives you the control you need for critical jobs like wedding portraits.

We redesigned the user interface to be more convenient. For instance, the 10 filters are now combined into one so you don’t have to leave Snap Art to switch media types.

There are new presets, including ones for crayon. You can see an example of that below in the rainy kids sketch.

Snap Art 3 will cost $199 USD. Owners of Snap Art 1 or 2 may upgrade for $99 USD. Free upgrades will be automatically sent to everyone who purchased Snap Art 2 directly from Alien Skin Software in April 2011 or later.

Here are some examples we made with Snap Art 3. All of these started as photos and were quick to make.