When I started writing about how we run Alien Skin Software a friend asked me if I was concerned about our competitors listening in. Not at all. As you’ve seen from my numerous articles, we have many tricks and techniques for being productive, not one magic idea that we need to protect. You shouldn’t worry about your competition anyway since there is room for both of you.

Don’t ever hesitate to share your knowledge. It not only makes the world a better place, but it helps you directly in many ways. In order to explain a concept, you have to think about it and shape it into a clear simple form. That exercise often teaches me new lessons and helps me understand our business better.

Sharing knowledge is also a marketing tool. It shows your audience that you know what you are doing. It shows that you are confident. It lets everyone see how the sausage is made. If they like the ingredients that go into the product then they are more likely to buy it. Mmm, delicious sausage…but I digress.

Sharing knowledge within your organization is important too, as I wrote about in the redundancy article. Avoid people who won’t share knowledge freely.

Always be teaching and you’ll find that you are learning too.