Hugh John dazzled us with back-to-back reviews of Bokeh and Exposure. For us, it’s nice to hear reviewers talk about these plug-ins like we do. I assume that my view is biased, but Hugh seems like a fan too.

The article begins with a review of Exposure. Hugh eloquently summed what it’s all about. He said, “Just as hi-fi buffs pine for the real or imagined warmth of valve amplification, many photographers lament the passing of analogue, replete with noise, grain, age and scratches. If that’s what you want, look no further.”

Hugh immediately heads into his review of Bokeh. He said, “Bokeh is a post production tool which can introduce effects that would otherwise require the use of costly hardware. With this filter you can create depth of field simulation, tilt and shift effect, highly configurable vignetting and the popular Lensbaby effect without having to lug around a heavy camera bag.”

Before Bokeh

After Bokeh