Here are some products we rely on every day in our office. Perhaps you would enjoy them too.


We can’t imagine living without our Silvia espresso machine from Rancilio. It does more than turbo charge our caffeine addicts, it gives us an excuse to leave our offices and interact.

We use Counter Culture beans for espresso and Larry’s Beans for drip coffee.


It can be tough to find the perfect size or shape of white board. Have no fear, IdeaPaint is here! The freedom of paint with the finish of a whiteboard. The best part is it’s performance, it’s just like drawing on a laminate dry-erase board; erasing is the same too. We have friends that bought cheaper paint and regretted it. Stick with IdeaPaint.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Whether you work best with a soundtrack or you’d rather work in a library, a set of noise canceling headphones can help drive up your productivity. They cut out the sound of wheezing air conditioning as much as the muffled gossip of neighboring high school students.

Mic Stand and Reflexion Filter

Used in conjunction, the duo produce smooth high quality sound for a reasonable price. This makes recording vocal tracks for video tutorials easier and higher quality.

Google Chrome Extensions

Here’s a list of our favorite extensions for Google Chrome. These take internet research to a higher level.

Chrome SEO – This quickly gives an idea of the popularity of a web site.

Resolution Test – Web page testing is made easy with this handy extension.

Sites Preview – This gives you preview thumbnails for Google searches.

TinEye Reverse Image Search – If you keep seeing your favorite photo, chances are someone else has put it up somewhere else too. This tool let’s you see where else your images can be found on the internet.

Web Developer – This extension let’s you peruse any website’s insides. It’s like popping the hood for a look at the engine.


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