I’m sure that everyone has seen a panorama photo, but not all panoramas are the same. There are hundreds of panoramas on the internet, they can be breathtaking. I picked out a couple of gorgeous ones to share.

Double Arch

Payson Canyon

Dublin Street Art

If you’re like me, you want to know how to do it the right way. While most people have heard of photo stitching, not everyone knows how to consistently achieve good results. This is where Florian Knorn comes in. He is a guru of Panorama photography. He happily shares his techniques on his website www.pano.ie, head over and look around to learn from the best.

I asked Florian if he has any advice for a frist-timer. He said, “Generally, use the same rules as you would for wide angle shots. You want a fore-, middle- and background. If everything is far away, for a panorama 2-3 meters is far, there is a greater risk of a boring shot. (of course, it all depends, but generally speaking…). Always try to include something really close in your panorama, that’ll make sure it’s more appealing. Here’s an example of the Famine Memorial on Dublin’s Custom House Quay.”

Florian makes great instructional videos for panoramic photography. Here is the first of them.

There are a lot of other resources for this type of photography. A good place to visit is 360cities.net, it’s the ‘Flickr’ of panoramic photography. They have a great blog that routinely posts outstanding work. If panorama photography is something you’d like to try, take a look through these helpful links: