I’m a fan of naps, both at home and at work. If I’m sleepy after lunch then I lie down for 10 to 20 minutes. I encourage everyone else at the company to do the same. That’s why most of us have a couch in our office. We also have a nap room.

I take short naps a few times a week. I think that one or two other people at Alien Skin do the same. Naps are much more rare for everyone else here. It’s just a matter of personal taste.

If you are sleepy then it is much better to give up briefly than to fight it all afternoon. At many companies a nap would be a sign of weakness. To me, the only sign of weakness is being unproductive. If you are extremely productive then I don’t care if you take naps, work upside down, or dance around in a tutu.

Just like our liberal sick leave policy, naps are not abused. If you took a two hour nap every Monday morning to deal with a hangover then of course I’d boot you into the street. But that doesn’t happen because people act like adults when you treat them like adults.