I installed Snap Art 3 but don’t see it!

After installing, Snap Art 3 can be found in Photoshop’s menu Filter>Alien Skin.

In the past we gave each product it’s own menu, such as Filter>Alien Skin Snap Art 2. We did that because our products each consisted of many filters, like 10, 14, or even 30. Putting them all in one menu would have jumbled them together in one huge alphabetized list.

These days we are moving toward single filter products. For instance, Snap Art 3 went from 10 filters down to 1. As we do major updates, most products will become single filters and will move into Filter>Alien Skin. It will take a while, but eventually your Photoshop Filter menu will be more tidy.

About the Author:

Jeff Butterworth is the founder of Alien Skin Software. He used to create the products, but now he does marketing and gets coffee for the programmers.


  1. chuck martin July 20, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    I received my free snap art 3 upgrade, keyed on the proper download spot and the download was supposed to start…….but it didn’t. I looked under filters but no joy. snap art 2 is still there but no sign of snap art 3. Please be gentle in your reply even if I’m not doing something I should know. Thanks, chuck

  2. Sabine Dickens September 3, 2011 at 11:28 am

    I downloaded the Snap Art 3 trial version, and from what I see it is a nice, easy-to-use interface. After installation I had the same problem as mentioned above. Solved it… What is the upgrade price from version 2 to version 3?
    Thanks, Sabine

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