Who ever said that surfing the internet doesn’t pay off?

Recently I came across some great photos that I have to share. The photographer, Peter Nguyen, used Exposure; but that’s beside the point. Tape your eyeballs in, they may pop-out when you see his work.


Model: Olivia || Exposure Setting: Kodak Ektachrome EES

Peter shared some of his secrets with me, he said “I discovered Alien Skin’s Exposure was an easy way to change the gray background color and render a nice overall finish which makes the pics really pop.” I couldn’t agree more.

Model: Vanessa || Exposure Setting: EPP – Blue Shadows

I’m a big fan of seeing what goes into the magic. If you fit into this category with me you’re in luck. Here are a couple behind the scenes shots. For more inspiring photos by Peter Nguyen take a look through some of Peter’s shots on Facebook.

Studio Setup

Here’s an example of the studio setup.

Peter’s lighting setup for his shoot with Vanessa.