You can get some funky effects by using a C-mount lens on a normal camera. The results are a lot like a pinhole camera, with a dark vignette and circular blur streaks at the edges.

I made some presets for Bokeh 2 that give this effect. To use them you need to have Bokeh 2 already installed. You can try it for free here.

First save the presets to your desktop. In most browsers, right-click each link below and choose Save As. That should save a file with a .f1s at the end of the name. Then double-click each .f1s file to install.  Next time you run Bokeh 2 you should see them in the User Settings list.

C-mount__C-mount subtle

C-mount__C-mount hazy dream

C-mount__C-mount heavy

Here is an image before and after applying these presets.

Original of sunflowers in Salgesch, Switzerland

"Subtle" preset

"Hazy Dream" preset

"Heavy" preset

If you are going for a pinhole camera look then I suggest you apply one of the black & white effects from Exposure. Pinhole people often use monochrome film and are going for an artsy look. Here is the Exposure 3 preset “Black and White Film : Color Toning : Sepia – Blue Finish” applied after the Bokeh 2 preset “Hazy Dream”. You need to download “Hazy Dream” from the top of this article.

Thanks to Taran Morgan for showing me the fun of C-mount lenses. Here are some of his actual C-mount creations.

maleea leeds
fun september 20113646ebw