Here in Raleigh, NC we like food. Not just the chicken n’ biscuit, fried okra, cole slaw and collards kind of food, we’re foodies. We hunger for culinary diversity, exquisite flavors and unique experiences. Recently, while taking in some of Raleigh’s unique cuisines, we made a discovery of epic proportions.

Simon Griffiths, a local photographer, was commissioned to produce some unique artwork for David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar. Simon delivered images of gargantuan sizes for the design of the space. Out of the 8 prints, the largest ones measured 11 feet wide.

A key component in resizing these tasty beauties was Blow Up. Simon said that the Blow Up enlargements are the same quality he gets from large format film!

I promised Simon to keep his mugshot small, so here it is. For more great shots by Simon, take a look over on his blog or website. Thanks Simon!