We had an interesting time brainstorming for the Blow Up 3 about box. It started off with ideas involving explosions, bombs and fireballs. But this didn’t apply to Blow Up because this insinuates destruction. That and I was worried the FBI would start calling because my internet research was questionable.

If you look at the examples Blow Up does just the opposite of exploding, it keeps pixels from being destroyed. We needed something to match this idea. Here is what we came up with.

The first thing I did was took a balloon around the office to have everyone sign their names on it with a marker. I didn’t take into consideration the chemical reaction between a permanent marker and rubber. The balloon blistered and peeled itself apart after a few days. Darn, back to square 1. Plan “B” was to get the signatures on paper, scan it in, and use Photoshop to stretch it around the balloon. Luckily this worked great, I didn’t have a plan “C.”

For the shoot Adrianna used a ringlight with a diffuser. She used another light to fill in the backdrop behind the models. It turned out really well. She shared a bunch of the shots on her blog if you’d like to see more. Here are a few of them.

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