If you read my Cloud Surfing article then you know I love making video and photos with low end tools like the iPhone. Here is an update on making time lapse movies with the ReelMoments iPhone app.

I now have an iPhone 4 which is a sweet camera upgrade from the 3GS. I recommend setting ReelMoments to save movies at 1280×720. Files are huge, but you can always lower the quality later if you want to.

For airplanes or other window situations I was using a complicated combination of a Gorillapod and a suction cup as seen below.

iPhone mounted to an airplane window

I have now replaced that with a much better solution, the Kensington K39217US suction cup mount. It is extremely sturdy, flexible, and holds any kind of device. I can’t say enough good things about it. Here is a picture of it in action.

Kensington suction cup mount for mobile devices

Here are a few movies I made with the new mount high on a window in the Alien Skin break room. You can see higher quality if you view them at 720p in full screen, but even then the YouTube quality is much lower than the original files.

In case you are tired of clouds…

An easy alternative to a tripod or suction cup is to lay your phone down face up when clouds are moving overhead. Here is a movie made that way.

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