Here are a few videos that show off some inspiring digital art. I’m a big fan of graphics, 3D, and animation, so anything that inspires me to go and create I’d like to pass on to you.

These first two videos use a fancy digital sculpting/painting program from Pixologic called “ZBrush.”

The program lets the artist mold and manipulate an infinitely resizable ball of digital-clay. It’s a lot of fun. You can record time-lapse movies of the artistry behind your creations right in the program. It’s a nice touch to review your progress after spending hundreds of hours working on a certain piece. Check them out!

Zbrush is definitely on my Christmas list for this year. “Santa, if you’re reading this, pick me up a copy for Mac.”

These two videos combine graphics, animation and music. I appreciate the simplicity of the individual components and the synergy created when they are artistically combined. The experience is mesmerizing, and the music is fun too. It’s always inspiring to watch a demonstration of excellence.