Here are the winners of our quick little giveaway. Jimmy Beech is getting in touch through e-mail so they can each choose one of our products.

The following three people were chosen completely at random from our friends on Facebook, our Flickr group members, and commenters on the blog post.

Facebook: Brad Spakowitz

Flickr: Sanna Stefansson

Blog: Yasmin

Although this wasn’t supposed to be a contest, I simply must reward Ray Baker for the following poem he wrote in a blog comment.

Twas the night before Christmas,
and in the bowels of my house,
I was staring at my monitor,
with my hand on my mouse.
When up on the rooftop,
there arose such a big clatter,
An Alien had landed,
And my dogs started to scatter.
He came down thru the chimney,
And before my very eyes,
he had bundles of software,
it was quite a suprise.
He had big eyes,
and his legs were tiny,
I think someone forgot
to give him a hiney.
But he was cool
and I thanked him,
as he took to his ship.
He said he had to give
the F16€²s the slip.
As he left the rooftop,
at the speed of light,
I could hear the echos,
in the darkenss of night.
On Eyecandy, on Snap Art,
On Bokeh, On Blowup,
On Xenofex, on Exposure,
We must get this ship up.
I told this story to my kids,
and to my wife.
They said it was the wildest story
they had heard in their life.
But I dont care,
Im as happy as can be,
The Alien left the software bundles with me.

To spread the love to the other groups, I’ll pick one from Facebook and Flickr too. Ryan Silverberg wins for his suggestion of an embroidery effect in a comment on our December 6 Facebook post. I appreciated the participation back when we didn’t have so many people following us.

Finally, Richard Gunn wins for his retro images posted to our Flickr group here and here. I like to see those old looks made with Exposure. Thanks for contributing to the group!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Now that you are connected to us in these new ways I hope you enjoy our posts. We try to keep them interesting.

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