Alien Skin Software Ships Eye Candy for After Effects

MACWORLD Boston, MA & SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, CA (August 6, 1997) – Alien Skin Software™ today shipped Version 3.0 of Eye Candy® for After Effects® for Macintosh and Windows. This new product takes the award-winning Photoshop® plug-in set and optimizes it for use with Adobe® After Effects. Eye Candy for After Effects gives animators, video and film producers and CD-ROM developers the sophisticated, production-oriented special effects that Alien Skin is known for in web, print and presentation graphics.

Eye Candy contains a total of 19 dazzling effects that realistically simulate natural phenomena. The set includes texture effects (Fur, Swirl, HSB Noise), distortion effects (Glass, Squint, Jiggle), production effects (Inner Bevel, Outer Bevel, Perspective Shadow, Carve, Glow, Cutout), and specialized effects (Fire, Smoke, Weave, Chrome, Motion Trail, and Antimatter).

Just as in the Photoshop version of Eye Candy, every aspect of each effect is adjustable with simple, self-explanatory controls. Moreover, Eye Candy for After Effects adds new parameters optimizing each effect for animation. For instance, Fire and Smoke feature new flow controls which give users total command over lapping flames or billowing smoke.

Wherever possible, Eye Candy takes advantage of After Effects’ most advanced features. For example, Eye Candy’s intuitive alpha channel support applies effects according to layer opacity information and modifies that information where necessary. Users can ignite their logo and still see background objects through the semi-transparent flames and smoke. Furthermore, many Eye Candy filters adapt themselves to the shape of floating objects. For instance, Inner Bevel creates a 3-D raised edge that follows the contours of floating objects.

“Eye Candy is a perfect match for After Effects because it adapts itself to irregularly-shaped layers,” said Jeff Butterworth, president of Alien Skin Software. “A more practical set of video effects doesn’t exist. These are the effects that our users will rely on for every project.”

System Requirements

Eye Candy for After Effects works with Adobe After Effects versions 3.0 or later on Windows or PowerPC Macintosh computers. The Macintosh version works with Apple System Software version 7.51 or later, with at least 12MB of application RAM. The Windows version requires 16MB physical RAM for Windows 95 and 32MB RAM for Windows NT.

Price and Availability

Eye Candy for After Effects was released on October 1, 1997 at Seybold San Francisco. The suggested retail price is $599. Sidegrades are $449 and are only available to registered users of Eye Candy 3.0, Stylist©, or the Black Box directly from Alien Skin Software. To order, dial 1-888/921-SKIN or visit our secure online order page at

Alien Skin Software, founded in 1993, is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We develop, market and support products that add features to larger graphical applications.

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