Alien Skin Software Lowers Price of Eye Candy 3.1 for After Effects

Raleigh, NC (April 14, 1999) – Alien Skin Software™ today announced that it is reducing the price of its Eye Candy® 3.1 for After Effects® plug-in set. Effective today, the estimated average street price of Eye Candy for After Effects is $449. The estimated street price for the academic version is now $249. Registered users of other Alien Skin Software products can buy Eye Candy for After Effects at a special sidegrade price of $299.

Eye Candy 3.1 for After Effects is a set of 20 special effects which realistically simulate natural phenomena within Adobe® After Effects 3.0 or later. The set, which is based on Alien Skin’s popular Eye Candy filter set for  ® and other graphics programs, includes texture effects (Fur, Swirl, HSB Noise), distortion effects (Glass, Squint, Jiggle), production effects (Inner Bevel, Outer Bevel, Perspective Shadow, Carve, Glow, Cutout), and specialized effects (Fire, Smoke, Weave, Chrome, Motion Trail, and Antimatter). It also includes a new Gaussian Blur effect that can blur outside of the edges of the current layer without requiring any extra steps.

“Digital video is increasingly being used by people working outside of traditional production houses,” said Jeff Butterworth, President of Alien Skin Software. “This price reduction will help bring Eye Candy for After Effects to these users, giving them access to our stunning, easy-to-use special effects.”

To learn more about Eye Candy for After Effects, feel free to read the original press release in our Press Lounge at, or contact J.B. Popplewell via the information at the top of this page. Resellers interested in ordering Eye Candy for After Effects should contact Tech Data at 1-800-237-8931. There is a revised price list for resellers which reflects the new price reduction.

System Requirements

Eye Candy 3.1 for After Effects is fully compatible with Adobe After Effects versions 3.0 or later on Windows or PowerPC Macintosh computers. The Macintosh version works with Apple System Software version 7.51 or later, with at least 12MB of application RAM. The Windows version requires 16MB physical RAM for Windows 95 and 32 MB RAM for Windows NT.

Price and Availability

Eye Candy 3.1 for After Effects is now available; it was first released in August of 1997. The estimated average street price is $449. Sidegrades for registered users of other Alien Skin products cost $299 and are available directly from Alien Skin at 1-888-921-SKIN or via our secure online order page at

Alien Skin Software, founded in 1993, is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and distributes its products worldwide. Alien Skin develops, markets and supports software that adds features to larger graphics applications.

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