Alien Skin Software Develops Version 3.1 of Eye Candy for After Effects

MacWorld, San Francisco, CA (January 6, 1998) —Alien Skin Software™ today announced that it is developing an update to bring Eye Candy® for After Effects® from version 3.0 to version 3.1 for Macintosh and Windows. The most significant parts of the 3.1 update are speed, accuracy and a new effect. The update will also support multiprocessor Macintoshes. The update will be shipped for free to registered users of Eye Candy 3.0 for After Effects on January 31, 1998.

Eye Candy 3.1 for After Effects is a set of 20 dazzling effects which realistically simulate natural phenomena within Adobe® After Effects 3.0 or later. The set includes texture effects (Fur, Swirl, HSB Noise), distortion effects (Glass, Squint, Jiggle), production effects (Inner Bevel, Outer Bevel, Perspective Shadow, Carve, Glow, Cutout), and specialized effects (Fire, Smoke, Weave, Chrome, Motion Trail, and Antimatter). The 3.1 update adds a Gaussian Blur effect. This new Gaussian Blur will save users time because it can blur outside of the edges of the current layer without requiring any extra steps.

The 3.1 update accelerates typical movie rendering times by 25 to 300 percent, depending on the effects and settings used. The Macintosh version of Eye Candy 3.1 for After Effects also takes advantage of multiple processors. All of the effects in the update correctly render movements of less than one pixel. This makes slow movements appear fluid rather than jumpy, as occasionally occurred with version 3.0. All of the effects in 3.1 now render correctly at low resolution, so users can rapidly setup an animation before rendering at full resolution.

“We began acting on the feedback from the first users of Eye Candy for After Effects immediately,” said Jeff Butterworth, president of Alien Skin Software. “Now, just a few months after its initial release, our first set of After Effects plug-ins is rock solid. The speed improvements will make it easy to use our production-oriented effects on everyday projects.”

To learn more about Eye Candy for After Effects, see the original press release which can be found in the Press Lounge at our Web site or through the contact information at the top of this document.

System Requirements

Eye Candy for After Effects works with Adobe After Effects versions 3.0 or later on Windows or PowerPC Macintosh computers. The Macintosh version works with Apple System Software version 7.51 or later, with at least 12MB of application RAM. The Windows version requires 16MB physical RAM for Windows 95 and 32 MB RAM for Windows NT.

Price and Availability

Eye Candy 3.1 for After Effects will be shipped for free to all registered users on January 31, 1998. The suggested retail price is $599. Sidegrades are $449 and are only available to registered users of Eye Candy for Photoshop, Stylist®, or the Black Box directly from Alien Skin. To order, dial 1-888/921-SKIN or visit our secure online order page at . For more information, or send e-mail to .

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