General Tutorials

Customizing Textures

Join Jimmy Beech for a quick Photoshop tutorial that takes you through a few simple workflows for customizing textures. It demos a basic workflow for Photoshoppers of all levels. See how the Radial Gradient tool controls layer opacity by using a layer mask. Learn the process of extracting Snap Art‘s painterly effects for textures with a simple gradient. And most importantly, see how these tweaks change the texture when it’s used as an overlay in Exposure.

Image © Sian Lewis

Texture © Brooke Shaden © Jonathan Penney

Selections in Photoshop for Bokeh

Learn how to make and manage selections in Photoshop. Everything you need to know about using the Quick Selection Tool is in this tutorial.

Head-to-head with Hernan Rodriguez & David Mecey Introduction

Join Jimmy Beech, David Mecey, and Hernan Rodriguez for the first episode of a friendly shoot-off video series between two of the industries best. Each photographer shoot portraits of the same model, on the same shoot, using their own creativity.

Images © David Mecey & Hernan Rodriguez

Light, Shadow, and Mood with Hernan Rodriguez

Hernan shares plenty of great tidbits about available vs. manufactured light. He also covers the use of lighting modifiers to contour contrast. Being a portrait photographer, Hernan emphasizes the model’s face, so he has a few tricks to make magic happen on his camera sensor–not in post.

Images © Hernan Rodriguez

Model Rapport with David Mecey

This is the third episode in our friendly shoot-off video series between Hernan Rodriguez and David Mecey. In this video, David Mecey gives a quick lesson on building model rapport.

Images © David Mecey

Tips for Better Portraits with Hernan Rodriguez

This is the second episode in our friendly shoot-off video series between Hernan Rodriguez and David Mecey. In this video, Hernan gives an informative lesson on shooting portraits. He shares lots of great advice on how to find the best angle to shoot anyone.

Images © Hernan Rodriguez

David Mecey’s Rule of Sparkle

This is the fourth episode in our friendly shoot-off video series between Hernan Rodriguez and David Mecey. David gives a detailed breakdown of his lighting setup for a portrait shoot. When properly performed, the final shots will have an aura about them. A phenomena named: the sparkle. Check out the video to hear David’s rules for making it happen.

Images © David Mecey

Outtake Reel

Wanted to pay one last tribute to our head-to-head video series with David Mecey and Hernan Rodriguez. The content packed into the series took a lot of collaborative effort from everyone on the team, so recording was a bit intense. Pressure like that made a fantastic environment for funny, embarrassing footage.

Superkids Part I

This project begins by preparing images in Lightroom with an end goal of enhancing the final composite with Exposure. Learn how to efficiently locate candidate images from a shoot, and make adjustments with basic tools in Lightroom.

Image © Jimmy Beech

Superkids Part II

Learn how to take the selected images from Part 1 and perform intermediate compositing techniques in Adobe Photoshop. This is not a beginner’s tutorial. If you plan to follow along with your own project, you may want to keep your cursor near the pause button.

Image © Jimmy Beech