Unlimited Creative Choices

Snap Art 4 provides you with a wide palette of artistic styles to choose from. Here you can see some examples of Snap Art being used in a range of different scenarios from portraiture to landscape and macro photography.
This is just a taste of the wide choice of presets available in Snap Art 4.To explore the rest, you can purchase Snap Art or try it yourself for free.


Here are some of our favorite styles and media types available in Snap Art 4. There are many more factory presets and you can create your own looks too!




Snap Art helps you create beautiful portraits. When printed on canvas or fine art paper, the finished work of art appears handmade. The detail mask lets you fine tune the portrait around faces and other critical areas.

Are there any other options for a photographer who wants to offer painterly images but can’t devote his life to developing the skill of Rembrandt or Renoir? Yes, there certainly is: Alien Skin Software’s Snap Art.

Larry BrownsteinRangefinder Magazine



Take your outdoor photographs in a new direction by turning them into paintings and pencil sketches. A single photo can become multiple works of art with completely different moods.


Graphic Art

Aside from more classical styles like oil painting and watercolor, Snap Art can render a wide range of modern looks including comics, stylize and crayon.

Snap Art 4