General Tutorials

Superkids Part I

This project begins by preparing images in Lightroom with an end goal of enhancing the final composite with Exposure. Learn how to efficiently locate candidate images from a shoot, and make adjustments with basic tools in Lightroom.

Image © Jimmy Beech

Superkids Part II

Learn how to take the selected images from Part 1 and perform intermediate compositing techniques in Adobe Photoshop. This is not a beginner’s tutorial. If you plan to follow along with your own project, you may want to keep your cursor near the pause button.

Image © Jimmy Beech

Superkids Part III

Learn how to make the last few steps of compositing in Photoshop as well as how to create multiple variations of the final image with Bokeh and Exposure.

Image © Jimmy Beech

Selections in Photoshop

Learn how to quickly make and manage your selection in Adobe Photoshop using the quick selection tool.

Photoshop Layer Mask Basics

This video will cover the use of layer masks in Photoshop. Masking layers is a valuable technique for non-destructive editing.

Image © David Mecey.

Photoshop Text Replacement

Learn how to replace label text on a series of bottles using simple tools in Adobe Photoshop. There aren’t any plug-ins involved.

Image © Jimmy Beech.