Exposure Tutorials

Exposure: Intro Sizzle Reel

This will give you an idea of what Exposure is all about. If you already own Exposure, you can skip this one.

Images © Jonas Peterson, Parker J PfisterCallaway Gable, Dylan & Sara, Sue Bryce, Jeff Ascough, Susan Stripling, Fer Juaristi

Exposure: What’s New

This video gives you a taste of what features are new to version 7. Take a look at some of the new features in action such as RAW support, the Crop & Rotate tool, and a bunch of other handy workflow enhancements.

Images © Felix Kunze

Exposure: Getting Started–Part 1

The Getting Started video series demonstrates the basics when using Exposure. Part 1 talks about presets and navigation within the software.

Images © Jimmy Beech

Exposure: Getting Started–Part 2

Learn the basics of how to use the effect controls to customize the look.

Images © Joe Payne

Exposure: Getting Started–Part 3

Jimmy takes you through a basic editing workflow using the software and gives plenty of helpful, time-saving tips along the way.

Images © Sue Bryce

Exposure: Parker J Pfister Workflow–Part 1

Parker uses one of the great-looking light effect overlays to give his photo a bit of a pop. Then he kicks it up a notch and applies the same look along with some fancy Photoshopping to realistically create dynamic lighting effects in the scene.

Image © Parker J Pfister

Exposure: Photoshop Workflow

Demonstrates how to a use Exposure with Adobe Photoshop.

Images © Susan Stripling

Exposure: Lightroom Workflow

This is the second half of the integration video. This portion demonstrates how to a use Exposure with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Images © Susan Stripling

Exposure: Gritty look with Andrew Foord

Andrew Foord demonstrates a RAW workflow with Exposure 7 from start to finish. In the end, he creates a great looking, gritty look in just a short time.

Image © Andrew Foord

Exposure: Beyond Bokeh’s Basics

Demonstrates how to make precise Bokeh regions. When you want absolute control over the blurring effect, custom regions are the best solution. The vid is chock-full of helpful tidbits about the how they behave, when to use them, and more.

Image © Joe Payne