Exposure Tutorials

David Mecey’s Rule of Sparkle

This is the fourth episode in our friendly shoot-off video series between Hernan Rodriguez and David Mecey. David gives a detailed breakdown of his lighting setup for a portrait shoot. When properly performed, the final shots will have an aura about them. A phenomena named: the sparkle. Check out the video to hear David’s rules for making it happen.

Images © David Mecey

Exposure: Intro Sizzle Reel

This will give you an idea of what Exposure is all about. If you already own Exposure, you can skip this one.

Images © Jonas Peterson, Parker J PfisterCallaway Gable, Dylan & Sara, Sue Bryce, Jeff Ascough, Susan Stripling, Fer Juaristi

Exposure: What’s New

This video gives you a taste of what features are new to version 7. Take a look at some of the new features in action such as RAW support, the Crop & Rotate tool, and a bunch of other handy workflow enhancements.

Images © Felix Kunze

Exposure: Getting Started–Part 1

The Getting Started video series demonstrates the basics when using Exposure. Part 1 talks about presets and navigation within the software.

Images © Jimmy Beech

Exposure: Getting Started–Part 2

Learn the basics of how to use the effect controls to customize the look.

Images © Joe Payne

Exposure: Getting Started–Part 3

Jimmy takes you through a basic editing workflow using the software and gives plenty of helpful, time-saving tips along the way.

Images © Sue Bryce

Exposure: Parker J Pfister Workflow–Part 1

Parker uses one of the great-looking light effect overlays to give his photo a bit of a pop. Then he kicks it up a notch and applies the same look along with some fancy Photoshopping to realistically create dynamic lighting effects in the scene.

Image © Parker J Pfister

Exposure: Parker J Pfister Workflow–Part 2

Parker selects one of the Color Film presets to get started transforming his shot. Then, he makes minor adjustments to the curves to warm things up. To complete the look, he uses the vignette tool to give it an analogue feel.

Image © Parker J Pfister

Exposure: Parker J Pfister Workflow–Part 3

Parker J Pfister puts Exposure through its paces and shows us how to isolate the subject using a combination of the awesome B&W presets, a subtle touch of Bokeh blur and just a hint of the Vignette tool. It’s a pretty powerful combination.

Image © Parker J Pfister

Exposure: Parker J Pfister Workflow–Part 4

Parker takes a studio image through a simple retouch in Lightroom, then he uses Exposure to give the shot some special sauce. He adjusts grain placement and size, adds a lens flare overlay, and one of Fundy’s textures.

Image © Parker J Pfister