Pintograph is an app for the iPhone and iPad that draws complex artwork. This is a fun side project, so for now it is free in the App Store. We hope you enjoy it!

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Here are some samples of art from Pintograph:


Pintograph simulates a simple machine, but the art it generates is surprisingly complex. As you can see in the screenshot below, the machine is animated in 3-D so you can study its movement as it draws.

screen shot of Pintograph device drawing a picture


The Pintograph app is the brainchild of Asdiel Echevarria. He became interested in machines like harmonographs and pintographs that draw beautiful line patterns without much human intervention. Asdiel was mesmerized by the slowly unfolding artwork in videos like the one below.

The name Pintograph was coined by Fran McConville’s daughter. Fran created a nice web site for learning about these devices.


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Having trouble with Pintograph? We’ve created an iOS troubleshooting article that might help. Over time we may add more iOS articles to our support site.

You can also share your art and comments on the Pintograph Facebook page.

The App Advice web site reviewed Pintograph in the Today’s Best Apps column. Sweet!