Photo Bundle


The products in the Photo Bundle enhance a professional workflow by saving time, improving image quality, and providing creative freedom. In combination, these products are even more effective. For instance, Blow Up produces sharp enlargements for clean and clear prints. Bokeh’s lens simulation and Exposure’s film simulation provide traditional photographic tools to make digital photos look more natural and less digital. Blow Up and Snap Art together can turn a photograph into a realistic oil painting that is suitable for printing on a large canvas.

In general, here is where each of these tools fits into a typical workflow.

Bokeh Workflow

Focus Manipulation: Bokeh

Alter depth of field or draw attention to the subject with Bokeh’s lens simulation.

Exposure Workflow

Film Simulation: Exposure

Simulate film, including realistic grain, in order to convey a rich natural feel. It is best to apply Exposure after Bokeh.

Snap Art Workflow

Natural Media: Snap Art

Turn your photo into what appears to be a natural handmade work of art suitable for printing on canvas.

Blow Up Workflow

Output: Blow Up

Enlarge and sharpen for output while keeping the photo clear and sharp.