Peter Nguyen’s photography has made an appearance on our blog before. Check out Eye-Popping Exposure Goodness. For him, photography is a hobby; it’s something he does just to blow off steam. Wow.

We used one of Peter’s photos for one of our new Exposure Ads. We were his first high-profile client. Impressive. Even more impressive is the shot. Here it is below.

I asked Peter to share about his photography. He has a knack for working with gorgeous models and producing great shots. Here’s what he said:

I started shooting in 2009 when I bought a Canon 50D. Editing and photography would help me relax after long hours in the ER. It became my hobby. It immerses me in something creative, what a great escape.

I tried my hand at golf. This had the opposite effect for me -not relaxing.

My first two shoots were of models from Model Mayhem. The shoots were simple, we ran around my complex.

I only shoot local college talent; I’ve never used an agency model. I like the typical girl next door. I find something about them that’s unique, that’s what makes them beautiful. It can be as simple as a spark in their eyes or a genuine smile.

I use Facebook to find models. Either I’m contacted or I’ll contact someone to schedule something. Facebook makes for quick and easy discussions about shoot details. College-age females are always on Facebook so it’s easy to brainstorm about shoot ideas.

Another reason I prefer Facebook is that it let’s me see what the model looks like without Photoshop. Everyone posts untouched candid snapshots. These are great to help determine whether a model will be right for a particular shoot.

One of my favorites is the orange-red series with Kendall and Vanessa. I used Exposure’s Fuji Sensia setting for the tone. The drama really pops. Exposure‘s presets have unique color tones that inspire me to finish images in ways I never would’ve on my own.