Dave Kaandorp built a giant rendition of our Pintograph app.

An airbrush demonstration spurred his inspiration. He was amazed that such beautiful artwork could be created with such a simple tool. As a self-proclaimed terrible painter, he thought to build a machine that could automate the process. That’s just what he did.

Dave went to work designing and gathering parts to build an airbrushing device. It’s controlled by a 3-axis real-time motion controller. A laptop computer transmits the artwork movements into the robot. It behaves similarly to a CNC machine.

The airbrush robot can be operated in different modes. It can act as a plotter, creating line drawings from bitmap images and font outlines, or it can plot from the input parameters of a pintogram drawing. It can be used to fill up arbitrary shapes from stencil images and it can be used to make dot matrix gradients from gray value bitmaps.

When he came across the Pintograph app, he knew it would be a good project for his machine.  He figured out the formulas involved in the movement of the pen in Pintograph and programmed them into his airbrush system. His goal was to achieve the same result as Pintograph with the machine. The app allows him to play with input parameters and immediately see the result on the iPad. Once he finds a design he likes, he can plot the exact same pintogram on the wall at up to 6’10” x 5’4″ (210 x 160 cm).It’s an out of control hobby for Dave right now. He’s in the process of building a portfolio to show what the apparatus is capable of. His efforts are starting to pay off–he’s received print orders of his work. Here are a couple of videos showing the machine in action. Below are photos of a few favorites.