Learning Exposure 5

These short videos are the fastest way to get started with Exposure. Start from left to right and work your way through the list.

  • Introduction

    > Introduction

    This is the story of Exposure. If you already own Exposure, you can skip this one.

  • Getting Started

    > Getting Started

    Demonstrates the basics of using Exposure, including how to launch it from Photoshop.

    Image © Peter Nguyen.
  • Standalone Application

    > Standalone Application

    Exposure now works as a standalone application. This video shows you how to launch it and process images in batches.

    Images © Robert Hamilton.
  • Lightroom

    > Lightroom

    This video shows how to launch Exposure from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It also shows you how to batch process images with Exposure.

    Images © Caroline Jensen.
  • Aperture

    > Aperture

    This video shows how to launch Exposure from Apple Aperture. It also shows you how to batch process images with Exposure.

    Images © Thomas Barnes.

More Videos

These videos demonstrate Exposure's features in more detail.

  • Black and White Tour

    > B&W Tour

    A tour of Exposure's black & white films and special effects. Demonstrates controls specific to black & white processing.

    Image © Dave Wendt.
  • Color Tour

    > Color Tour

    A tour of Exposure's color films and special effects. Demonstrates controls specific to color processing.

    Image © Daniel Weisser.
  • Textures

    > Textures

    Demonstrates Exposure's new texture overlay controls. This helps you add embellishments to your photo, like borders, light leaks, and dust & scratches.

  • Light Effects

    > Light Effects

    Demonstrates Exposure’s new texture overlay controls. These overlays can add retro character to your images, and they are a lot of fun to experiment with.

    Image © Levi Tonkin.
  • Vintage Fashion

    > Vintage Fashion

    Demonstrates how to customize a preset to get a more vintage look. The modifications help transform the image to mirror historic film behavior. > Download the preset.

    Image © Will Thompson.
  • Split Toning

    > Split Toning

    Color toning is a classic darkroom photography technique. This video shows how to produce effects similar to this process in Exposure.

    Image © Tony Calvert.
  • Film Noir

    > Film Noir

    Replicate the look of classic Film Noir with Exposure 5 using the controls in the Tone Curve panel. > Download the preset.

    Image © Jimmy Beech.
  • Color Filter

    > Color Filter

    Use color filters in Exposure 5 to augment your photos. In B&W photography, color filters manipulate the image's tones just like a filter placed over the end of the lens. When used with color film, they add color casts to an image mimicking the coloring behavior of expired analogue film or the staining or yellowing that occurs in aging prints.

    Image © David Lee | Model: Heidi Fahrenbach
  • Combining Effects

    > Combining Effects

    Kick your customizations up a notch with creative effects combos featuring Bokeh and Exposure. Follow the workflow of editorial fashion and beauty photographer Chris Yates to learn how.

    Image © Chris Yates

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