Check out our Getting Started section first. For information about using Exposure as a standalone organizing program, watch the videos in the Standalone playlist. Watch our Editing series for information on how to use Exposure’s presets and editing panels.

Below the tutorials, you’ll find more useful information, including helpful articles, and links to our tech support and social media pages.

Getting Started

Exposure: Standalone

This video shows you how to get started using Exposure X for photo organization and editing.

Photo: jimmy beech

Exposure: Photoshop

In this video you'll learn how to use Exposure X as a plug-in with Adobe Photoshop.

Photo: Robert Hamilton

Exposure: Lightroom

This video explains how to use Exposure as an external editor in Adobe Lightroom.

Photo: Sergey Bondarev




Learn how to browse photos, add bookmarked folders, and perform file and folder management in this video tutorial.

Photo: Ian MacMichael, Jenn Aan, Sergey Bondarev

Copying Photos from a Card


This video explains the options available when copying photos from a camera card with Exposure X.

Photo: Jenn Aan

Nondestructive Editing


This video shows you how Exposure X handles nondestructive photo editing without a catalog.

Photo: Randy Kepple



In this video, you'll see how to tag, sort, filter, and search for photos. We also demonstrate keyboard shortcuts that speed up your workflow.

Photo: Dark Roux

Exporting Images


Learn how to export finished images in this video. This is the last step in your editing workflow with Exposure.

Photo: Michelle Bernard


Presets Tour


Take a tour through the preset categories in Exposure X. After watching the video, you should have a good grasp on where to look for various looks.

Photo: Sergey Bondarev

Working with Presets


This video introduces features of the presets panel. You will see how to browse and search for presets, how to use filtering, how to save user presets, and how to import and export them.

Photo: Russ Jackson

Basic Editing


This basic editing video tours you through the most frequently used panels in Exposure X. Learn where to find controls, how to use them, and what they do.

Photo: Parker J Pfister



Learn how to use the bokeh features to add creative focus effects in Exposure X. This instructional video contains all you need to know to blur like a pro.

Photo: jimmy beech

Vignetting with Exposure X


Learn how to apply vignettes to your photos. This video shows you how. The tools in Exposure give you unparalleled control over the vignetting process.

Photo: Tomasz Migdal


Here are some articles to help you get the most out of Exposure.

More Resources

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