At Exposure’s heart is a huge library of beautiful styles. We developed them through careful research of modern and historical photographic techniques. There are color and black & white looks from every corner of photographic history, such as funky Lo-Fi cameras, classic Kodachrome, modern portrait film, and old-fashioned Daguerreotypes and autochromes.

Our carefully crafted presets are starting points for your own customized looks. All the editing tools you need are there, from exposure and vibrance to noise reduction and sharpening. You can put finishing touches on your photos with Exposure’s Overlay panel, which includes realistic sun flare, vintage borders, and textures. Draw attention to your subject by manipulating focus with the Bokeh panel. New to Exposure X is the ability to layer presets, giving you even more creative options to explore.

Here are some examples of looks you can achieve with Exposure X:

© Femina Photo + Design

Exposure has low contrast print film presets that are ideal for portraits. They subtly reduce saturation and strong detail, resulting in clear, smooth skin.

Photo © Femina Photo + Design

© Jeff Butterworth

This landscape pops with the vibrant colors of our Fuji Velvia film preset.

Photo © Jeff Butterworth

© Anne Helene Gjelstad

This classic portrait demonstrates Exposure’s unmatched black and white conversion.

Photo © Anne Helene Gjelstad

© Nicola Windjack, Lily and Lane Photography

The soft focus at the edges of this image draws attention to the infant’s face. This was accomplished with Exposure’s Bokeh panel, which offers a wide range of creative focus effects, from lens simulations to tilt-shift and motion blur looks.

Photo © Nicola Windjack, Lily and Lane Photography

© Jaakko Sorvisto

This fun wedding portrait demonstrates a pop to saturation that doesn’t affect skin tones.

Photo © Jaakko Sorvisto

© Chay Bigger

This is an example of one of Exposure’s many vintage looks. The Tintype border and split-tone color work together to create an aged look. Exposure includes many historical processes such as Daguerreotype and early Kodachrome.

Photo © Chay Bigger

© Chris Corradino

Exposure can be used for subtle refinements that keep your photo looking natural. Here the exposure and saturation were tuned up using the Basic panel.

Photo © Chris Corradino

© Ian Horne

This lo-fi look uses scratches from Exposure’s overlay panel and a faded color treatment. There are many lo-fi options available, from toy cameras to cross-processed looks.

Photo © Ian Horne

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