Exposure is the only RAW editor designed from the ground up for accurate film emulation.

Over 500 presets emulate the most iconic analog films, ranging from vintage Daguerreotype to modern portrait films like Kodak Portra. Additional presets like lo-fi, faded, and cross processing go beyond film presets, and offer a tasteful blend of effects. You can customize each one, then add it to your library of looks.

Exposure’s creative editing tools enable you to achieve your artistic vision. Make essential edits like color toning, exposure, sharpening, and saturation. Refine your work using spot healing and brushing, stack layers for endless looks, and apply a variety of striking special effects. Use creative focus and vignetting to draw attention to your subject. Apply overlays like light leaks, textures, and borders to make your images stand out. Exposure is a creative photo editor that provides you with many creative options.

Photo Retouching

  • Spot Healing: Before
  • Spot Healing: After

Exposure’s new spot heal tool makes it easy to retouch your images. You can remove blemishes and other imperfections. You can also clone areas, which is helpful for landscape images. There’s also a brush tool for additional adjustments (teeth whitening, iris enhancement, skin softening, dodging and burning, etc.).

Photo © Tara Ruby

Faded Looks

Exposure X2 Faded Looks film presets

Exposure’s new faded looks are a mix of color and B&W styles that emphasize a clean, faded look without overlays or heavy grain. Lifted blacks add a hazy or dreamy effect. These looks are great choices if you’re looking for a simple, faded look without additional elements.

Photo © Lukas Piatek


Exposure X2 Portraits film presets

Exposure features several film presets that reproduce the low contrast, low saturation qualities of iconic films like Kodak Portra and Fuji FP-100C. These films have long been favored by portrait and fashion photographers, and are great for achieving beautiful, healthy skin tones and superb color reproduction.

Photo © Jaime Ibarra

Elegant B&W Looks

Exposure X2 Elegant B&W film presets

Exposure offers a range of elegant B&W looks. You’ll find clean, sophisticated looks and grainy film emulations. Exposure’s grain engine renders grain differently in shadows, midtones, and highlights, to accurately emulate the look of iconic B&W films.

Photo © Andrew Foord

Vintage Looks

Exposure X2 Vintage film presets

For those images that call out for an antique treatment, Exposure’s color and B&W vintage looks are a great solution. Wet plate, Daguerreotype, Cyanotype, and Lith film presets can be combined with vintage borders and custom textures for an authentic antique look.

Photo © Steele Photography


Exposure X2 Landscape film presets

Exposure has a number of film presets that make your landscape photos pop. One of these is Fuji Velvia. Its rich, saturated colors and strong contrast bring your subject to life.

Photo © Andrea Livieri

Bokeh and Vignette

Exsposure X2 Bokeh and Vignette film presets

Exposure’s bokeh and vignette tools are great ways of drawing attention to your subject. You can customize the realistic creative focus effects of bokeh and the subtle shading of vignetting to craft a compelling image.

Photo © Paula Bell Photography

Snap Art Natural Media

Exposure X2 Snap Art Media

Available in the Exposure X2 Bundle, Snap Art enables you to easily transform your photo using natural media effects like oil paint and watercolor. Delight your family or clients with these gorgeous, tasteful treatments of their favorite photos.

Photo © Zabrina Deng, Snap Art treatment © Jeremy Chan

Blow Up

Exposure X2 Blow Up

Available in the Exposure X2 Bundle, Blow Up image resizing keeps your photos crystal clear during enlargement, free from jagged edges and artifacts. It’s the perfect tool for delivering stunning wall-sized prints to your clients.

Photo © Simon Griffiths

Discover a faster, smarter way to create beautiful images.

Exposure X2 Bundle

  • Exposure X2 non-destructive RAW Photo Editor
  • Integrated Snap Art Natural Media
  • Integrated Blow Up High-quality Photo Enlargement
  • Exposure X2, Snap Art, and Blow Up Plug-ins for Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Fast Technical Support

Exposure X2

  • Exposure X2 non-destructive RAW Photo Editor
  • Exposure X2 Plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Fast Technical Support


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