30 11, 2011

Snap Art 3 Review on Macworld.com

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Recently, a Snap Art 3 review was posted on Macworld.com. Our software is normally reviewed on photography-centric websites. For us, reviews outside of this

9 11, 2011

Snap Art 3 on PCMag.com

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John C. Dvorak is no stranger when it comes to software reviews. But this was his first interaction with Alien Skin Softwares’ plug-ins. I’m

28 07, 2011

Snap Art 3 Makes an Appearance

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Tyson Robichaud just published his first experiences with Snap Art 3. Head over to his blog to hear what he thinks. The article is

13 05, 2011

Exposure exposure in the New York Times

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Roy Furchgott wrote an article for the New York Times reminiscing about film photography.

15 04, 2011

Exposure Review brought to you by Shutterbug.com

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George Schaub’s Exposure review was just spotted over on Shutterbug.com. An interesting point he makes is about tailoring presets for his own palate. Customizing can be easily overshadowed […]

19 03, 2011

Bokeh Review on Photography Bay

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www.photographybay.com/ Eric Regan explains how to use Bokeh for images in his review on PhotographyBay.com. He not only uses the plug-in on still images, he […]

16 03, 2011

Exposure 3 on Foto.no

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www.foto.no Alexander Tufte went over Exposure 3 with a fine-toothed comb for this review. His years behind the camera and in the darkroom have given […]

15 01, 2011

Review Double-Header

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www.merlinjohnonline.co.cc Hugh John dazzled us with back-to-back reviews of Bokeh and Exposure. For us, it’s nice to hear reviewers talk about these plug-ins like we […]

30 12, 2010

Bokeh Review in Professional Photographer

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www.ppmag.com Here is a review of Bokeh that covers all the bases.

4 12, 2010

Bokeh 2 vs. Bokeh 1

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www.applelinks.com Gary Coyne recently wrote a thorough review on Bokeh 2. It’s full of example images and helpful information. He explains what components make for […]