13 03, 2012

Support Makes All the Difference

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The two best marketing tools are great products and great support. Nearly all companies try to make great products. They don’t all succeed, but

6 03, 2012

Excellent Little Book on Writing

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I recently discovered another great book on writing named Writing That Works by Roman & Raphaelson. It is a very short read and the advice is

3 02, 2012

The opposite of putting effort into it.

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I just found a big envelope in my mailbox with the following messages on the outside.

Yawn. Those messages make it 95% likely that I

31 01, 2012

Put some effort into it.

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Today I received a package.

The card is pretty fancy, similar to a real wedding invitation. Inside is a sales pitch to advertise in a

30 01, 2012

Little things matter.

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After a lifetime of using thin single-ply toilet paper at schools and jobs, I finally asked myself why we put up with it. I

26 01, 2012

Being a grown up pays off.

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If you give a kid a rule without an explanation for its purpose then she is likely to ignore it when you aren’t looking.

24 01, 2012

What do the system requirements mean?

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We get a lot of questions about how strict our system requirements are. The requirements mark out the territory where we do insanely thorough

19 01, 2012

Please, stop saving me money!

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I should print this on cards and hand them out whenever I see someone on our team bending over backward to save a tiny

18 01, 2012

Marketing Tricks

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I saw Dan Ariely speak at a Duke University event and loved it. His work reveals how our decision making is often not in

12 01, 2012

Take a break!

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We all know that we should take a break every hour or so while working. Get up and walk around. Stop looking at a