22 05, 2012

Photoshop CS6 Compatibility

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The latest versions of all of our currently shipping products are compatible with Photoshop CS6. If an old installer can’t find Photoshop CS6 then

30 04, 2012

Check your version of Bokeh 2

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If you use Bokeh 2 then please check your version number in the about box. On Windows or Mac, start Bokeh 2 and open

9 03, 2012


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If you aren’t familiar with the shortcut keys in our products then I strongly suggest that you read this article and watch the video

13 01, 2012

It’s not a sale.

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When we announced the Photo Bundle price drop recently, some people thought it was a holiday sale. Just to be clear, it is permanent.

The Photo

11 01, 2012

The background is the subject.

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Sometimes the foreground object isn’t the only subject of the photo. In the following shots the background was what I really cared about capturing.

13 12, 2011

Photo Bundle Price Drop

By |December 13th, 2011|Alien Skin Software, Announcements, Blow Up, Bokeh, Exposure, Photography, Snap Art|7 Comments

We want more people to get the benefits of all of our photography tools. So, we have permanently decreased the price of the Photo

5 10, 2011

C-Mount effect with Bokeh

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You can get some funky effects by using a C-mount lens on a normal camera. The results are a lot like a pinhole camera,

30 07, 2011

Tiny Village People

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I just ran across the best fake miniature video I’ve ever seen. So cute! It was made in a town in Portugal by Daniel Espírito

19 03, 2011

Bokeh Review on Photography Bay

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www.photographybay.com/ Eric Regan explains how to use Bokeh for images in his review on PhotographyBay.com. He not only uses the plug-in on still images, he […]

15 01, 2011

Review Double-Header

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www.merlinjohnonline.co.cc Hugh John dazzled us with back-to-back reviews of Bokeh and Exposure. For us, it’s nice to hear reviewers talk about these plug-ins like we […]