bokeh 2


  • Bokeh 2 is compatible with Lightroom 2 or newer.
  • Photoshop is not required to use Bokeh from Lightroom
  • Bokeh supports Batch Processing when multiple files are selected

Running Bokeh from Lightroom

Bokeh 2 is run from Lightroom as an external editor. To launch Bokeh on an image simply select an image (or multiple images for batch processing), and select Photo->Edit In->Bokeh 2. You can also right click on the image and select Edit In->Bokeh 2. When Lightroom asks you how to edit the photo, we recommend you choose “Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments”. This will tell Lightroom to make a copy of the image in the preferred format for Bokeh. For more information on running Bokeh from Lightroom you can read our support article.

Batch Mode

When Bokeh is run with multiple images from Lightroom, the normal OK button is replaced with an “Apply&Next” button and “Apply to Rest” button. This will let you either go through each file individually and tweak the setting or you can just apply the current setting to the rest of the images in the set.